High-end Car Window Film that provides privacy and can protect you from the sunlight. BF Film Supreme Ceramic Pro is an innovative production from the U.S.A. that can protect you from heat, such as Infrared and Ultraviolet radiation. Within the car window film texture has a mixture of ceramic in the nanotechnology, so this can prevent the heat effectively. You do not need to worry about the telephone signal and the internet signal will disappear. Our car window film does not mix the metal and the mercury. It's can't disturb any signal of yours. Dark outside, but clear inside which is the technology or innovative production to have a care in privacy and visibility. Although in the nighttime, the window film is still bright, and clear. Moreover, it does not disturb visibility. (dark outside but clear inside) It's can prevent the heat accumulator in the car. The technology of each film layer can prevent heat/ Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet Radiation 99%. You no need to worry about the heat accumulator in the car. The long service life and heat rejection rate is cannot degenerate.

BF FILM SUPREME CERAMIC PRO has a warranty of 8 years. That is why you do not need to worry about the warranty.

We take care of every car like our own car.
Because we give more.


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